Embroidery silence

In the last two weeks I have practically nothing embroidered. Reason: on December 11, our second girl was finally born. After almost 42 weeks I was introduced and 13 hours later we were finally allowed to see our new shoot. I didn’t get off without a hitch so we had to stay in the hospital for two more nights. But on December 13 we were allowed to go home again. And then the real work begins. Nightly bottles, bath hours, visitors, lots of rest and early to bed. Not ideal conditions to continue the embroidery tempo before my delivery. But I have been busy with the Birdhouses SAL in the last weeks before my delivery and the result is impressive. During my 8 weeks leave I embroidered 7 blocks. Not crazy right? I have walked in for 7 months. See the result below. The photo shows only part of the whole. It is becoming increasingly difficult to take a picture of the whole. I will experiment with that a bit and then try to show that next time.

Embroidery silence
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Embroidery silence
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