The Fractal and an old acquaintance!

Well, what I wrote last time is not quite true. I then wrote that it would be the last update on the Fractal for the time being. Not so. Zusjelief is busy with the finishing touches to her panel of the Sistine, but it is not ready yet. So I went on stiff and managed to make a page of the Fractal. It is a middle part with many confetti stitches. Buffering again but it worked again.

After finishing that part of the Fractal, I was in doubt. Continue with the Fractal or – as long as the Sistine has not come my way – continue with something else. And it has become the latter. Not that I was bored with the Fractal, but I went through all my posts on my blog, and suddenly I was very excited to get the Birdhouses out again. Turned out I stopped in the middle of a block there. Shit. So I’m finishing it now. Totally different but also very fun to do. I immediately contacted the club that issues the pattern parts. And luckily they still do. It would just happen … that the pattern parts are no longer published. You sit there with half an embroidery. So I am now working on a birdhouse. After half a year! It was also allowed again. Nevertheless, I am still eagerly waiting for the Sistine but I start to believe that this will not happen again this year 🙂

The Fractal and an old acquaintance!
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The Fractal and an old acquaintance!
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