Smoking Embroidery Needle and how!

As one sister indicated in the previous message, we have been out of the running for quite a while. Both with blogging and with embroidery. A lot has happened in that time when we didn’t post anything. A divorce, an intended career switch, sports, training and, of course, the daily activities of family, household and work. We were busy with everything and hardly found space to have a nice embroidery. We were so busy that it was questionable whether a weekend away with the two of us would even come this year. But It worked! And how!

Last Friday it was finally that time again! With a car (for which our thanks, father of the sisters – xx) fully loaded, we drove to the forest. After unpacking, installing and starting the weekend well in the local restaurant, we started the needles the same evening. Meanwhile, the right weather had already arrived: a huge downpour steadily tapped on the roof. And what could be more fun than fiddling with a candle, nice music and a pot of coffee. Knowing that you have a whole weekend ahead of you where you really don’t have to do anything else! So we were already on the right track. And we also kept up well.

What I hoped – namely that I could finish my panel – really worked out! I still had quite a bit to go, but on Sunday afternoon I really managed to finish Libica after more than a year and a half. We have found out where things went wrong when connecting to the first panel. It is on the edge around the panel. This border is on both the drawing of the panel itself and also on the drawings of the adjacent panels. And there it goes wrong. We have decided to leave the stitches open where the connection does not go well. You can also see that in the photo. That way we can always find out where to do the correction. For all panels above Libica, extra stitches will have to be fitted. So we have to take that into account.

The Sistine has now been officially transferred to sister. She will go to the next panel. I expect the first post on the next panel to be posted soon. We really have the taste again!

See the photos below: (and even though it has taken a long time, it will be really beautiful, if we say it myself).

And it has become ……. a Birdhouse! Last time I wrote that I did not know yet whether I would continue with the fractal or with the birdhouse. Well … has become the birdhouse. But with the fractal in mind. How can it be that if I am working on the birdhouses, I can’t wait to continue with the fractal and if I am working on the fractal, I am eager to continue with the birdhouses? Isn’t that weird? So then I decided to do it over and over. 1 block from the birdhouses and when it is ready, 1 page from the fractal. But I have already deviated from that. Because yes …..the next block of the birdhouses SAL is a very easy bird. So I couldn’t resist that. Maybe then 2 blocks from the birdhouses and then 1 page from the fractal ?? I will have to figure it out quickly because the easy bird is almost finished. See here the result of my birdhouse SAL so far.

Smoking Embroidery Needle and how!
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Smoking Embroidery Needle and how!
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