Impressive and Durable selection of custom embroidered patches

SEDigitizing is the nation’s station for the most impressive and durable selection of custom embroidered patches manufactured to your exacting specifications. Whether it is service patches for your force, military patches for your comrades, or sports patches for your team.

SEDigitizing can capture the aura within your organization and the driving zeal of your group on a custom patch and deliver it to you in few hours.

Every embroidered patch we design and manufacture first goes through a stringent multi layered quality control process and is certified before it is delivered to you. Looking for iron on patches? Our easy-to-apply iron on patches are made of the finest twill material with double reinforced backing crafted specially to withstand rough exteriors and prolonged garment use. Velcro patches from embroidered patches demonstrate rock solid durability and can be pried off only when you use industrial strength brute force thus making them ideal for the defense forces, marines and the coast guards.

Effortless Ordering at SEDigitizing

Ordering custom embroidered patches at SEDigitizing is so easy that the process will make you wonder why you didn’t order from us before. Simply complete the short, easy-to-fill ordering form, upload your insignia, emblem or corporate signage and leave the rest to our highly talented team of designers who possess a combined designing experience of many years. If you already have a specific design idea in mind for an embroidered patch which you would like for us to refine for your organization, that’s no problem. Upload it and we will get to work immediately. Each order receives the personal attention it truly deserves and no order is ever processed until we receive your written authorization and approval.

Embroidered Patches across the Board

Sharp, distinctive and brilliantly crafted patches from SEDigitizing come in 2”-7” sizes with firm twill backing that is both long lasting and sturdy. Choose from an attractive 50% embroidery design with a merrowed edge sown around the edges, a 75% embroidery design that leverages the available white space to deliver shades or contrasts, or a highly embellished 100% embroidered patch with a true regal look. So why not use our handy ordering form and allow us the opportunity to serve you?

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Impressive and Durable selection of custom embroidered patches
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