Woven Label/Patches Customized as Per Your Demand

We are offering you a great way to brand your products or services by using the custom woven fabric labels. The best features of these labels, that attract most businesses, are their durability, softness, and machine washable nature. If you want to advertise your brand by weaving your logo on your products, then fabric labels are for you. Sometimes, businesses want to add the brand name on the clothing items with clear texts.

Consideration of sewing of labels or ironing them on to the clothes is important. Some businesses use both of these options but sewing labels on the clothing items increases the durability of the patches. Moreover, the fabric labels or patches that we design and manufacture are best of their kind. Not only we consider quality, but we focus on the reasonability of price rates too. In addition, our up to the mark customer care services are responsible for improving our client retention patterns.

What are Fabric Labels?

At Se Digitizing, we produce woven fabric labels on the loom. Our team weaves the design that you provide onto the material. On the contrary, the printed labels or patches are different in a way that they are printed on the material instead of being woven. However, our team is quite capable of manufacturing both types of labels. We use 100% polyester material for weaving the fabric labels. The kind of weaving and the thread thickness are responsible for determining the attractiveness and softness of the fabric labels. Custom fabric labels are the best patches if you have a clothing brand because our business uses these labels to remind your clients about your brand.

Type of Fabric that We Use in Woven Labels or Patches

Sometimes, our clients get confused because of numerous patch options available. Woven labels are different than the printed label in a way that we weave them on the fabric with the help of thread. Our talented team knows how to weave taffeta fabric labels, satin fabric labels, and damask fabric labels. Taffeta fabric labels are good when you need to display the text clearly. However, these patches can become uncomfortable for people who are wearing them. Contrarily, we recommend satin fabric labels to our customers when the clients prefer softness of the patches. The biggest disadvantage of this label type is that it does not allow the designer to use a wide variety of colors.

In addition to these types of labels, clients usually demand damask fabric labels which we make from 100 percent pure damask threads. This type of patches is good when the customers need to display even the minor details of the design. That is why they are used for logo designing and manufacturing. In addition, damask fabric labels are famous for their durability, softness, and wide range of colors that they offer. However, the price of these labels is higher than the cost of other fabric label types.

Fast Shipping of Your Custom Woven Labels

We are famous for delivering fabric labels to our customers within 10 days. We do care about the rush orders which is why we are working on introducing faster shipping for your rush orders. However, it is noteworthy that the faster delivery facility is not available at the moment. The delivery can take 12 days at most depending on the location of your business. But the good thing is this time duration is less than the industry average time. Due to the shipment time duration, we highly recommend our clients to place the order at least 14 days before the due date. In this manner, they will be able to receive their order within time.

Balancing Between Quantity and Quality

It is hard to keep a healthy balance between both quantity and quality. However, we are proud that our team do not let us down in maintaining it. At SE Digitizing, we feel the obligation to provide top-notch quality to our clients. Whereas, our team also makes sure that we are able to work on as many patches as we can. Moreover, we offer special discounts if our clients place fabric patches in bulk form. These are the reason for our great success and impressive customer retention.

Caring for Our Customer is Our Core Value

For SE Digitizing, caring for our prestigious customers is one of the fundamental values that we cherish. For expressing our care, we have designed such policies that are successful in providing ease and comfort to our customers. Among these caring policies and features, introducing the live chat option is the most welcoming one. We have introduced it recently in order to reduce the delay time that our clients face when they place a query. We understand their frustration and anxiety which is why we have developed a separate department, i.e. customer care division. This division will take care of your queries at anytime of the year. Moreover, free revision facility is also introduced by us to ensure customer satisfaction because, for us, YOU COME FIRST.

If you are interested in placing your very first order, then register yourself by creating an account. After that, you will be able to access your account at anytime by just signing in to your account. We highly recommend that you watch the video to understand the order placement procedure. We have presented this video on the sign up page to help you in creating your account and getting your first quote.

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