Affordable Vector Art Conversion Service Online from SE Digitizing Save Your Valuable Time and Funds

A lot of our customers ask why they need to convert the raster file into vector file. Basically, they need to know the pros and cons of both kinds of image or logo files. Well, here’s your answer in few words… Vector file is used for screen printing. A normal picture, or in other words, a raster image does not have color layers that needs for screen printing. Therefore, raster file is converted into vector file for allowing you to separate the color in different layers for color screens. Our Experienced designers make vectors by using updated technologies to give best look. They have good command on color half tones, color gradient and differ effect.

Now, that you know the difference between both raster and vector files, you may have facing some issues while selecting the best vector art service provider. Due to the availability of internet to everyone, there is a significant increase in scammers. We understand your worries that are why we are presenting salient features of our raster to vector art conversion service!!

Appreciable Turnaround Time of 8 Hours

Sometimes the clients need the orders to be delivered within 12 hours or less, but they face challenges because of the unavailability of professional designers. In order to consider the comfort of our valued customers, we are offering the turnaround time of less than 8 hours. The dedicated and experience team of designers work hard to deliver the rush orders within the required time. Moreover, the quality of raster to vector art conversion service is also maintained.

Responsive Customer Care Unit

Have you ever felt frustrated because of late responses from the supplier? Do you want to get instant response to your queries? Well, we have the right solution for you. Our customer care centre operates 24 hours and you can talk to our agent by using the ‘Live Chat’ option. Not only they do response in time, but also they know how to satisfy our customers. In addition to our customer service unit, we have a FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section where you can get answers to almost all basic queries.

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We Believe in Highest Quality Screen Printing Vector Art Conversion Service

Despite the fact that we have the 8 hours turnaround time, our professional designers focus on maintaining highest quality standards. After the completion of raster to vector conversion, the team reviews the digitized file to make certain the best quality. Mostly our clients prefer to use our services again and again due to top-notch quality of the orders.

Privacy Protection is Our Key Objective

We believe in protecting the confidential files of our customers. Our management has recently updated the privacy policy to align it with the international privacy protection standards. You need to know that your data and digitized files are safe with us as we do not share it with any person without your permission. In addition, we have strict rules regarding the confidentiality of your contact information and order details. It is worth mentioning that even our professional designers do not know anything about the contact data of our customers. Moreover, we have also invested in cyber-security to protect your online data.


Top Class Clipping Paths at sensible price rates

Poor quality clipping paths has a potential to damage the reputation of an organization. We present first class clipping path with reasonable prices because we believe in a win-win situation. It doesn’t matter how many images or logos you have, you will never question our price rates.

Discounts, Premium Packages, and Much More…

We are popular among our clients as affordable vector artwork service providers with fascinating discount packages. Yeah, that’s right. Our premium packages for our valued customers strengthen our loyal customer base. Besides, it is an appreciation from us to recognize the loyalty of our clients. If you have the desire to avail these packages, you can visit your account and check the latest discounts and premium packages. These packages are offered to our regular customers to acknowledge their loyalty to and trust in the company. We have also introduced some especial premium package recently for our new customers to attain high level of customer satisfaction.

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Amazing Feature: Order Traction

In the absence of order tracking system, customers feel frustrated and worried because of uncertainty about the order status. We are concerned about the comfort of our customers which has motivated us to initiate the order traction mechanism. Now, the order traction is quite easy. All you have to do is to sign in to your SE Digitizing account and check the order status. In case, you find any delays in the delivery, you can immediately contact our customer service. Our agents working tirelessly in our customer care centre to give quick responses.

Customer Satisfaction for Out Top Vector Art Services

We always prioritize our clients which is why we offer highest quality raster to vector art conversion service at cheap prices. However, if you feel that the quality of artwork can be improved further, then contact us and we will definitely help you. In order to cater this issue, we are offering FREE REVISION facility to retain customer loyalty and maintain excellent quality. The noteworthy point is that we have less than 2 per cent revision receiving frequency which reflects our top-notch quality vector art service.

Live Chat with Our Agent

Our business provides good and responsive customer care service, however, there may be times when the customer centre is overwhelmed with incoming queries and messages. To handle any such issues, SE Digitizing is offering the ‘Live Chat’ facility. Now, you can chat with company representative by clicking the ‘Live Chat’ icon and starting a conversion.

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