Unique and Quality T-shirt Embroidery Design Service

Digitization is a unique art form which gives life to a mere sketch by combining bright colors with creativity. The digitization process is about converting a sketch or graphic image into a lively embroidery design with the aid of embroidery devices or machines. Moreover, the complexity of the design along with its size is crucial factors in determining the price. One of the common issues that customers face is the decrease in quality at relatively lower prices. However, this is not the case when it comes to SE Digitizing services. In our business, providing outstanding quality to the customers without raising the price of the artwork is the key to our success.

In addition to the complexity and size of the design, the choice of color also plays a considerate role in the price determination. Using a wide range of colors contributes to a higher pricing scheme because it requires more efforts and time. We want to ensure that you are choosing the best digitizer in the market. That is why we are presenting some striking features of our t-shirt embroidery design service.

Superior Quality of T-shirt Embroidery Design Service

We ensure that the high quality of embroidery design service for T-shirts is maintained. For this reason, our team gives its best to work on your orders as per your demands. Furthermore, providing excellent services within the due date is our specialty. Not only we consider quality, but also we work quickly and efficiently which is why we have better customer retention than the industry average. In addition to hard-work, we take the complaints of our clients seriously which enables us to improve our work constantly. For us, achieving customer satisfaction by providing top-notch quality of left chest embroidery design service in time is our pleasure.

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Process of T-shirt Design and Digitization

Whatever color or print location that we take, in the process initially, is an imprint. For instance, two colors are basically two imprints. Similarly, two colors on the front side and two colors on the back side are actually four imprints.

For an extra amount per shirt, “Base” is an extra color which is used on all colored shirts. As without having it, addition of colors is of no importance on dark garments (it is like painting a house when a primer color cannot be a light one if walls are of dark color. Similarly, a color on a dark garment is of little value without using base color).

Many other techniques for decoration purposes of garments are available in our company. Among these developed methods are Embroidery, Heat Pressed Vinyl (which is best suitable for logos and slogans), laser transfer, and digital vinyl transfer (it is economical for short term use).

Amazing Premium packages and enjoyable discounts

It is our utmost pleasure to announce that we are offering more than just high quality embroidery designs for T-shirts. When it our customers, we are willing to go an extra mile for their satisfaction. That is, the major reason behind providing amazing discounts and striking premium packages. It is in our knowledge that our customers want high quality designs at a reasonable cost. In addition to customer satisfaction, these discounts and packages are offered by SE Digitizing to appreciate your loyalty. It is our belief that loyal customers are the backbone of any successful business. Therefore, we like to present strikingly amazing discount packages to our loyal clients for the purpose of customer retention. Are you thrilled to avail those packages right now? If the answer is in positive then go to our portal or account and view your discount.

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Why is confidentiality one of our core values??

You may wonder why we have considered the protection of your privacy as one of our core values. Well, the answer is simple. In this digital era, the most important thing for customers is the safety f their data. Most importantly, they need to make sure that their confidential data is in safe hands. That is why we give our best shot t the security of your important information.

In addition, we have hired some of the top class software engineers to provide cyber space security. Not only this, but we are very careful in dealing with T-shirt embroidery design orders. Our concern is shown by the fact that we do not even share your contact information with our digitizing team. This protection and safety of your data is the primary reason behind the fact that our clients trust us. Therefore, we have an enviable customer retention rate which is around 90%.

Work, Work and Work…

The key to success is quite easy to understand but in truth, it is literally difficult to follow. Yes, you heard us right. Everyone knows how to achieve success which is by working hard and putting some extra effort. However, there are very few people in the world who want to move extra efforts without but we are proud to more that is some extra efforts. But we are proud to gather those hard working people at one place. The team knows how to survive creativity, dedication, hard-work and talent. They design and digitize in a creative patient i.e. embroidery t-shirts. They design logos and digitize for T-shirts by working day and nights.

Simple and Easy to Follow Steps for Order Placement

The first thing that you have to do is to create an account on our website by clicking the ‘Sign Up’ button… A form will appear… you need to carefully fill out the form because our system will use the information, which you have provided, later to deliver your order. After completing the form, submit the form and sign in to your account by clicking the ‘Sign In’ icon. Now, you can place your order whenever you want. Moreover, you can view your premium packages or discounts on your account. The traction of order is also made possible for you with the help of this portal.

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