Explore Embroidery Design Possibilities with Super Embroidery Digitizing!

We are all aware that contemporary form of embroidery has come a long way from the basic form it was in at the time of its emergence. Today, embroidery digitizing has taken a diverse shape that covers numerous cultures and ethnicities. From the Irish royals to the punks of New York, machine embroidery designs are certainly in demand among people of all ages. Super Embroidery Digitizing has unlimited embroidery designs that can be customized as per client’s requirement.


Embroidery digitizing is a unique way to create multiple embroidery patterns using computer generated software applications. The application is programmed to store various stitch styles or image files (to be more precise). The stored items are processed into several files which will be read by embroidery machines that will imprint the final design on to the fabric.

It’s common knowledge that clothing and the associated accessories make a substantial commodity that makes a profound market worldwide. Since fashion is a global phenomenon, no one would want to be caught wearing the wrong attire. However, several companies like Super Embroidery Digitizing enables you to remain updated with the latest trends in embroidery designs. Here is a list of products for which our team designs embroidery patterns:

  • T-shirts, jacket back and batches
  • Bags, caps
  • Tuff embroidery and 3d embroidery
  • 3D puff, Applique Tuft, Applique, and Chenille
  • Sequins embroidery


Embroidery services such as those offering gift engraving, is a unique service offered here at Super Embroidery Digitizing. In essence, gifts engraving makes a graphic medium that holds the promise to provide personalized custom embroidery designs involving multiple styles, fonts, patterns, shapes and sizes.


Now with online embroidery designs from Super Embroidery Digitizing you can get logo embroidery on various custom merchandize like caps, T-shirts, towels and other accessories for effective brand promotion and marketing. For instance, embroidered polo T-shirts have a massive role in translating credibility upon the prospective customers.


Logo embellishment or a monogram is most definitely needed in uniforms. In some cases, it’s not just a logo over the pocket but a complete embroidery pattern that is used to decorate the uniform. And for that matter, most of the uniform manufacturers would need an inventory store of digitized embroidery designs. From corporate business to sports uniform logo and from army uniform to fashion glam, there is literally no place where digitized embroidery has not made a mark.