Get Custom Silk screen Printed Patches with Top-Class Quality

Silkscreen printed patches are in high demand due to their vivacious colors and lack of inadequate stitches. What is more important is that one can print any photograph, logo, or image without any issue. We, SE Digitizing, create your designs with specific gradients and little details which give life to your design. In addition, the merrow border thread is especially used by our team to ensure top class quality. One can only print fewer details on the silkscreen patches because of increasing the beauty of it. Therefore, you can choose other types of patches as well for the creation of the rest of your design. This means that it is up to you to either select a single type of patch or use multiple types of patches for your design.

Furthermore, we have a brilliant and well-experienced team of designers and digitizers who love to put extra efforts in work. The dedication of our designers results in outstanding quality and high rate of customer retention. You are more than welcome to get your quotes and avail amazing discounts. Moreover, we are one of the best in the industry as we try to set high standards for the designing of custom screen printed patches. Loyalty is rewarded by especial rewards and discounts to appreciate loyal ones and improve customer retention.

Approval of Design

At SE Digitizing, creating an accurate and perfect sample or product for our clients is our priority. This creation of silk screen printed patches is a delight to the eyes of our customers. That is why we ask the specifications before the start of the project. Its purpose is to make a digital sample for you as per your requirements. Furthermore, your approval is mandatory for us, which is why we send you the image of the sample file. In this way, you will be able to change anything you disapprove. In addition to the digitization of silk screen patches, we also offer creation of product and delivery of patches without delay.

Manufacturing Along with Delivery

The SE Digitizing team is famous not only for their dedication and excellence but also for their error-free approach. This means that they focus on creating amazing screen printed patches along with its inspection. Inspection of these orders is what supports our claim of provision of top class patches. We print screen printed patches onto larger twill sheets. The cutting of these twill sheets in the preferred size and shape is an essential step. The selection of silkscreen patches for logo digitization over other patch types is because of their detail orientation and vibrant colors. Moreover, we offer delivery of your orders to you within 10 to 12 days depending upon shipment complexities.

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Revision Facility with NO Additional Charges

If you are working in the industry for some time, then you must be aware of the disappointments. Despite your best efforts, there are some times when the design or digitization is dissatisfactory for the clients. Handling the sensitivity of this issue requires empathy, understanding, and ethics. In order to handle this issue sincerely, we have introduced a unique offer for our prestigious customers. In case, you are not satisfied with the quality of your design, you can place free revisions without any charges. We will be happy to work on your revisions as many times as you want. It is because our main concern is our customers and their happiness. For us, monetary reward is secondary issue.

Care for Customers

Caring for clients is one of the fundamental ethical business practices. However, sometimes personal benefits overcome the satisfaction and happiness of customers. This is not the case when it comes to SE Digitizing. We consider customers as our key stakeholders which is why we have established a centre for them. At our customer centre, you will receive fast replies because it operates 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Moreover, you can contact them for registering complaints and discussing order-related matters.

Placing Multiple Orders at the Same Time

You can get your quote by placing your order at the portal. All you have to do is to provide us with the details of your order. You can also place multiple orders at the same time by clicking the ‘New Order’ option at the top of your account. We offer a number of payments methods to our clients so that they can choose the payment option with which they are comfortable. Our clients have to choose the adequate and available payment option before placing the order. After giving order details, hitting the submit button will result in the placement of your order.

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Privacy of Your Data

Protection of customer information is our topmost priority. It is because we understand the risks of privacy breach. In today’s digital era, security of cloud data is essential which is why cyber security has become a major concern for people. Therefore, we have invested hugely in the protection of both design information and client contact data. Not only we have bought software for cloud security, we have also hired top class software engineers. We haven’t faced a single breach of privacy because our talented team deals with cyber threats in the initial stages.

Discounts and Packages

SE Digitizing offers exciting discount packages for eye-catching screen printed patches. We care for our clients especially the loyal customers. Offering special discounts and reward points is our way of appreciating their loyalty to and trust in us. You can view new discounts and amazing packages at your portal. If you don’t have an account, then click the ‘SIGN UP’ button to create one. After its creation, you will be able to visit your account at any time by clicking the ‘SIGN IN’ option. You can contact our customer centre to discuss any confusion you have in your mind. Furthermore, live chatting facility is also available, which is introduced recently, to help you in your queries.


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