Customized PVC Patches for Our Reputable Clients

A lot of you ask to yourself sometimes about the alternative solution of embroidered patches. Well, mostly patch industries uses PVC patch as the up to date substitute of embroidered custom patch. The reasons behind this choice are simple. The material we use in the designing of PVC or rubber patches are durable and soft. Moreover, the custom PVC patch for hats, flags, and jackets can be created with the help of bright and never-ending range of colors. In addition, these rubber or PVC patches are immune to fading, cracking, fraying, or peeling which are responsible for making them an excellent choice for outside use.

SE Digitizing is highly successful in designing lightweight and pliable rubber patches that are fully capable of meeting the requirements of our clients. Not only the quality, but also, the prices of these patches are suitable for customers as we Do Not charge any extra amount for urgent orders. Therefore, we are successful in satisfying our clients and improving our customer retention rate over the years.

Manufacturing of PVC Patches at SE Digitizing

We manufacture PVC patches by craving and molding the design, which is sent by our client, with the help of multicolor plastic. The uniqueness of these patches is their resilience against dirt, water, paintballs, and mud. It is the major reason why they should be used for outdoor purposes. In addition to their resilience, these patches present sharpness to the design or logo because of the infinite color plastics. However, only you are able to limit the color array for PVC patches by selecting specific colors for your design. On the other hand, we can manufacture custom patches for hats, logos, and jackets in any shape and size. The standard size, popular among our customers, is 3 to 7 inches, however, it depends on your demands and requirements.

Quality Comes First!!

At SE Digitizing, quality is not compromised because of quantity. We make sure that we only take those orders that we can work on without degrading the quality. This is one of the primary reasons for our enormous success. Our team is competent enough to create PVC patches with any kind of backing, however, most of the time, our clients prefer Velcro backing. In addition, our custom rubber patches have the capability to offer your design dimension and intensity.

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Unlimited Revision at ZERO COST

Despite the tremendous efforts, sometimes people make mistake as it is an inherent quality of human nature. However, we are open to accept our mistakes and offer you an alternative way in order to make it up for you. For that reason, we present the facility of revisions!! Yes, Yes, Yes, you can place as many number of revisions as you want if you think the patches are not up to the mark. The incredible news is that we will never charge you a penny for these revisions. It is significant that we receive only 2 per cent revision per year because we put additional efforts to meet the requirements of your design. Not only low revision request rate, but also, our clients love to hire us for their upcoming projects. For us, the pleasure of our customers is everything.


The Feature of Free Shipping

As mentioned earlier, we prefer the ease of our clients. That is why we deliver the custom rubber or PVC patches for hats, jackets, or logos to their doorstep. The amazing part of this offer is that there are no additional charges for the delivery. SE Digitizing delivers the patches within 10 to 12 business days depending on the location of your company and the shipment means. Therefore, you need to consider this time duration of delivery when placing the order. We suggest that you should place your order of PVC patches 14 days before the deadline. The actual reason for this suggestion is to cover any delays because of bad weather or any other issue in the shipment procedure.

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Don’t Limit Your Design

We understand that choosing the right colors for your design can be quite confusing and time taking. That is why we offer our help in selecting the bright colors and other unique elements for your PVC patch. We not only offer backing choices, but we also offer a range of materials for base. In addition, you are fully capable of selecting the right edges and borders for your PVC or rubber patches.

PVC Patch Design Service

Our team manufactures durable and bright rubber patches for our esteemed customers on the basis of designs that they provide. However, we also design unique PVC patch designs that can meet your demands. At SE Digitizing, we send the sample of the design to you for approval and start working on its manufacturing after you appreciates the design. The most interesting aspect of the sample designing is that we have a turnaround time of 8 hours. This means that we send the sample to you within 8 hours after the placement of quote. However, this facility is only limited to the creation of design file for now.

Live Chat at Anytime

If you want to ask anything specific regarding the PVC patch design and manufacturing, then you can use the live chat option. We don’t want our customers to wait for the replies, which is why we have introduced the live chat feature. Now, you can contact the customer care agents at anytime that is suitable for you. Our agents in customer care service department will reach out to you as soon as you start chatting. Just click on the ‘Live Chat’ option and a chat box will appear on your screen ….. its simple!!

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