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SEDigitizing decided to launch manual retouching, photo editing, photo post-production and graphic design services.

Photo post-retouching experts who use photo editing software to enhance the theme of the photo by correcting the resolution of the photo, cropping the photo, and adjusting the hue and color saturation. The retouching process can also include adding or removing other images from the picture or inserting text. Generally speaking, post-retouching of photos can be divided into these types: photo retouching for people, photo retouching for small commodities, photo retouching for products, photo retouching, and image synthesis. The photo retouching is divided into basic retouching and refined retouching. There are different charging standards according to the degree of refinement of the retouching. Contact us or send us your details to our experts to communicate the scope of retouching, the number of sheets and the effect to be achieved.

Your old photos need retouching

The old photos of your hometown or of the company your great-grandfather founded, they are often irreplaceable and very atmospheric. Unfortunately, many photos and albums get damaged over the years.

Photo Damages retouching

Because the older the photos get, the more scratches and stains appear. Corners and edges become frayed or torn. The yellow and fade, the top layer comes off. The pictures are actually slowly decaying.

  • Remove scratches and stains
  • Repair cracks and folds
  • Reconstruct missing parts
  • Improve the color and sharpness
  • Adjust composition and crop

Save by refurbishing with SEDigiting

But photos of this value will undoubtedly bring back memories that you will want to keep for future generations. SEDigitizing helps you to cherish it by getting the best possible result with great care and attention. Save your photos before it's too late by having them professionally and carefully restored.

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Family portrait at the end of the 19th century

In this print, the necessary stains have been removed, parts colored and reconstructed, the whole refreshed and a new cut-out and border made.

Family portrait
Family portrait

Van den Hoek removals

In addition to the standard adjustments to brightness and sharpness, considerable damage has been reconstructed. The photo is also made sepia for a nice effect.

Van den Hoek removals
Van den Hoek removals

Time for coffee

The oil stains naturally match the photo, but the scratches and other stains that do not belong have been removed. The color now also matches the coffee better.

Time for coffee
Time for coffee

Portrait in saucer

That this heavily damaged photo/painting needs some attention is an understatement. The entire pieces are missing. An enormous job that yielded results.

Time for coffee
Time for coffee

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Before putting forward the demand, first, understand the 5 small matters of post-production retouching!

1. What type of file do you want to be edited by an expert?

Which is your original file type? Common image files include JPG. and PNG. Or you can provide the original RAW with the most details. It may be a better choice.

2. What is RAW.?

RAW. is the name of an image file format that records image data acquired by the camera's image sensor without any processing on the body. Cameras of different brands have different extensions for RAW files. Special image processing software must be used to process RAW files.

3. What image resolution do you need to process?

If you want to synthesize an image file, please pay attention to the resolution and size of the image file you provided. If the resolution of the image file is too small, the expert may not be able to help you perform perfect photo synthesis, and the image file may appear pixelated.

4. Which software commonly used by experts?

The software that experts often use is mostly Adobe Photoshop/Lightroom. Each camera brand also has its own RAW. file editing software.

5. What is the desired effect?

When you put forward a request, you probably have an idea for the finished product. Please communicate with the experts in detail. It is best to cite other examples of similar effects so that the cooperation can proceed more smoothly.

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