Embroidery Digitizing for Jackets at Inexpensive Price Rates

Wearing jacket never gets old. In fact, one cannot think about fashion without considering jackets. That is why we are here to offer amazing embroidery designs for both the front and back of your jackets. At SE Digitizing, the preference is given to customized embroidery designs ordered by our clients. It is a well-known fact that most businesses want to design their own designs especially logos on their manufactured jackets. Therefore, we ask for the requirements of your design before starting work on your orders.

In addition, you can also visit our graphic library to get some ideas about jacket embroidery designs. On the other hand, you can create your own logo or any other design that you want to be embroidered on your jackets. It is perfect to embroider your jackets for women and men of your sports team, school group, or business. Contact our agents for clarifying confusion related to order placement issue or get a quote by creating your account and providing order details.

What is Jacket Back Embroidery Digitizing?

The procedure of performing embroidered artwork on the back of the jacket is known as jacket back embroidery designing and digitizing. Our team of expert digitizers uses one of the two methods, i.e. stitched onto and ironed on jacket, for the sake of creativity and eye-catching looks. One of the loyal customers that use embroidery designs for jackets is the group of bikers along with some other group of people. Despite the popularity of these embroidery designs, there is one limitation associating with jacket back digitizing. The limitation is the time and effort margins that these jacket embroidery designs need to reach perfection. SE Digitizing has excellent designers and digitizers with them who ensure the perfection of every stitch. The embroidery designs on the back of the jacket require at least 45 – 150 thousand stitches which makes it extremely time consuming.

Moreover, the completion of jacket back embroidery designs requires the additional efforts. One of the technicalities of jacket embroidery digitizing is that one cannot reduce the number of stitches. The reason is that it will compromise the originality of the design which will directly affect the quality of the jacket embroidery digitizing services. Therefore, the designer and digitizer team has to be passionate about the work and must have enough experience to execute the order. Fortunately, we have a perfect combination for you. Not only our team has experienced as well as talented designers, but also they have passion to reflect their creativity by designing masterpieces.

SE Digitizing: Famous for Exceeding Expectations

Meeting higher standards and giving high quality jacket back embroidery designs are quite difficult to achieve. It is because the designers face troubles while maintaining concentration the whole time. However, we have never face such issues and the reason behind is that our team works in shifts. In this manner, the quality of the orders does not get compromised because of tiredness and inadequate concentration level.

In addition, we take all the necessary requirements relevant to the order at the time of order placement. These instructions are, then, passed to the team of designers and digitizers who work day and night on the order. That is why we are famous for not only meeting the demands of customers but also exceeding their expectations. It is worthy to mention that we have successful in retaining more than 90 percent of our customers. The reason behind this success is that providing high quality jacket back embroidery designs.

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Preventing Privacy Breach

The protection of your personal data and confidential information related to your orders is our topmost priority. We care for our clients and their privacy that is why we invest heavily in cyber security. In addition, we do not share unnecessary details about you and your order with our designers. We are considerate about the concerns of our customers Related to the copyright issues. That is why we ensure that the originality, creativity, and uniqueness remain safe and secure. Furthermore, we neutralize threats before they become a problem for our company. These are the actions that are responsible for the protection of the information about you and your data.

Live Chat and Customer Care Centre

It doesn’t matter how much you care for your clients as long as you don’t show it with your actions. Companies and businesses cannot operate effectively without proper communication means between the organizations and their customers. For this reason, we have established a highly efficient and motivated team which is responsible for bridging the gap between customers and companies. Fur us, our customers are everything which is why satisfying their needs as well as demands is what we do. Not only we have provided comfort to our customers, but also we have gained their trust and respect. Moreover, our representatives will inform you about the progress of your order in time so that you will not face any difficulty.

We have introduced a separate customer care department and the option of live chatting with our agents. The purpose of these revolutionary steps is to help our customers in connecting with our customer care centre at any time. Both of these facilities are available on a 24/7 basis because we don’t want you to wait for asking your queries. In addition, the live chat with our representative helps you to get instant replies.

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Traction of Order

We understand that client gets worried if they are not aware about the progress of jacket embroidery designs order. That is why we have introduced an effective feature of order traction. The order traction has made easy with the help of an account at which you can monitor the progress of your order. All you have to do is to sign in to your account and view the progress of your recent orders. In addition, you can also contact our customer care centre to ask about the progress reports of your embroidery designs quotes.

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