Personalized Embroidered Hat Digitizing Services

The evergreen and most common aspect of fashion is the cap or hat digitizing. Despite its significance in human history and its common usage, the embroidery on hats has not been eliminated from fashion. In fact, it is expected that the hat embroidery will be in fashion in the upcoming future. On the contrary, the designers usually utilize the existing designs for the embroidered hats. It is because various sports agencies are using the same type of designs such as logo for the marketing of their brands. However, due to advancement in technologies, people are now moving towards the personalization of hat embroidery.

By observing the recent increase in demand of personalized embroidered hats, SE Digitizing has extended its embroidery services to the designing and digitizing of hats and caps. The most promising feature of our service is that we provide free of cost revision, responsive customer care services, and high quality order delivery within above average turnaround time. We have also introduced the option of live chatting with our representative for those of you who want to get instant replies.

What is Hat Digitizing?

The digitizing of hats is done in a different manner which is because of the curved aspect of these hats. Moreover, the designers consider compensation of the seams in order to attain the rounded shape. Our team does it by utilizing the ‘centre out’ approach in which the designers start the design from the lower part of the hat. In this manner, the final embroidery design will look like a machine digitized pattern. In addition, the chenille and puff machine embroidery patterns for hats are commonly used by designers. However, it is noteworthy that these designs still have the same place in fashion as they had in the past.

Maintaining Highest Quality Standards

In the today's competitive world, the only way to achieve success is by providing high quality services and products. People are drawn to attractive yet unique embroidered hat designs. In addition to the creative nature of these designs, the clients want to receive highest quality hat digitizing at reasonable prices. Our talented team of designers and digitizers are willing to go an extra mile to satisfy the clients with high quality hats embroidery. For the sake of maintaining the best quality, we acquire all the necessary information regarding the order at the time of placement of orders. Moreover, we share the relevant information with the team so that they can design and digitize outstanding embroidered hats.

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8 Hours Turnaround Time

It is understandable that sometimes the order needs to be delivered urgently. However, the urgent delivery is dependent on numerous factors including the experience of designers, complexity of the design, and the location of the customers. It is worthy to note that we send the sample of the embroidery to customers within 8 hours time. If the customer approves the sample of personalized embroidered hats, then the team will start working on it. After the completion of the hat digitizing, the embroidered hats will be sent to the clients within 10 to 12 business days. Our dedicated and enthusiastic team works day and night to deliver the rush orders within 8 hours. In addition to the quick turnaround time, the team focuses on maintaining the quality of the personalized embroidered hats.

More Than 90 Percent Customer Retention Rate

Customers are the essence of an organization as they decide the growth margin and revenue stream of the organization. Retaining customers is an essential goal of a business because it would lead to large loyal customer base. However, companies usually face difficulty in retaining customers because of various reasons. One of the significant factors in losing customers is poor quality of customer care services. Therefore, we have considered this factor and established an effective customer care department. This department is responsible for connecting the company with its customers. This means they communicate the recent discount packages and modifications in company policies to them. Due to our constant effort in satisfying our customers, we have successfully retained more than 90 percent of our customers. Once a client has hired us, they do not want to go towards another hat digitizing company.

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Rewarding Loyalty via Premium Packages

SE Digitizing understands the need of having a relatively larger customer base that is loyal to the business. It is because one cannot gain a competitive edge over its competitors without having the support of loyal clients. In addition, the role of loyal customer base in determining the growth margin of an organization and developing the brand value in the market is essential. These are the reasons because of which we are offering premium packages to our loyal customers. This is our way of telling our clients that we value their loyalty. Moreover, we want to appreciate it by giving discount packages from time to time. You can view the discount packages that we have offered to you by visiting your account. If you don’t have an account, then you need to create one by hitting the ‘Sign Up’ button. After that, you have to fill a form.

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