SE Digitizing: Combination of Talent, Dedication, and Hard-Work

The designing and digitizing work cannot be done without high level of professionalism and knowledge. In the absence of uniqueness of technique, the designers and digitizers will not be able to give promising digitizing results. The procedure is really long and accuracy is mandatory for the satisfaction of our clients. It is a well-known fact in the industry of embroidery digitizing and designing that there are a number of different stages. In addition, an excellent designer or digitizer has to connect all these stages in an effective manner in order to obtain embroidery designs with vibrant colors and detail-oriented digitization. For the sake of considering all these key points in mind, clients have to select an experienced digitizer who is popular for providing perfect designs.

We understand the need for accuracy and proficiency when it comes to embroidery digitization and other related services such as vector art conversion and patches. Therefore, we are offering the best digitization services that do not compromise the quality of a single stitch. Despite the difficulties and challenges, out team of professional designers and digitizers give their heart and soul to the work.

Our Team of Designers and Digitizers

SE Digitizing believes that a company becomes successful because of its employees. We have a group of highly talented and dedicated staff who is willing to pour their hearts into their work. They start working on a project as soon as they receive the order. Moreover, our team of designers and digitizers is famous for delivering the image of embroidery patch sample within 8 hours. This suggests that we have a high turnaround time. Furthermore, our team works on the vector art conversion with precision and accuracy which is responsible for establishing our client trust in us.

We are proud to tell you that we have retained 100 percent of our customers. This reflects that we, SE Digitizing, are able to satisfy our customers with the standard and quality of our services and products. It is worth noting that we would never accomplish any of it without the help of our talented team. They work with dedication and hard-work which is reflected by the life like designs and accurate digitization.

Preference to High Level of Knowledge

We are of the opinion that knowledge should be preferred above all else because it opens locks of ignorance. This means that with the help of knowledge, one can create complex designs without any difficulty or hindrance. The art of converting raster to vector file and embroidery digitization can be performed in a proficient manner with the aid of skilled professionals. Therefore, we focus on hiring such professionals who are willing to work with dedication and have sufficient knowledge of their field. In addition, we provide necessary information about the designs to our designers and digitizers. This is done in order to ensure that the delivered orders are of high accuracy and quality.

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Top-Notch Quality Digitization Services

We have an excellent team of digitizers and designers who work with dedication to work on orders as per standards. Maintaining of quality is our topmost priority because it is responsible for satisfying our customers. Moreover, one of the major reasons behind the high retention of our customers is the provision of high quality custom embroidery digitizing services to our clients. For the purpose of reviewing the orders before delivery, the quality assurance department checks every single piece of art carefully. It is our belief that customer satisfaction must be accomplished for achieving a competitive edge in the industry. Therefore, we work on every order with hard work and dedication in order to receive zero revisions.

Unlimited Revision Placement with Zero Additional Charges

There are some occasions where the design or digitization work is unable to fulfill the customer demands. For us, it is unfortunate and highly unacceptable. That is why we have introduced an exceptionally good service of free revisions to our customers. It is because we don’t want our clients to disappoint in us. In addition to free revision facility, our customers can place revisions as many times as they need. Despite the free unlimited revision facility, almost 99 percent of our customers do not place any revision as they feel satisfied with the quality of our custom embroidery digitizing services. It is because we always consider requirements of client during the designing and digitizing of the orders.

Live Chatting Is Now Possible

We have established a separate department for customer complaint and queries handling. It is because we want to satisfy our customer and improve our loyal customer base. However, we feel the need that customers are getting late replies due to shortage of staff. Therefore, we have now introduced a live chat option for our clients. With the aid of this new feature, you can contact our agent any time you visit our website. The major advantage of live chatting feature is that you can ask your queries directly to our representative.

Moreover, clarification of confusions related to the order placement or other matters is now possible. From now on, you don’t have to worry about the late replies and slow process of customer care department. All you have to do is to click on ‘Live Chat’ box that appears in the corner of the screen and start communicating your thought to our representative.

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Traction of Order is Simple and Easy

You can track your placed order by checking the status of your order. All you have to do is to sign into your account and checking the order status. If you don’t have an account, then click the ‘Sign Up’ option to register yourself. There is another option if you want to know the progress of your order. Contact our customer service centre which is highly responsive and respectful in dealing with your queries. Still feel the need to know more?? Open the chat box appearing in the bottom right corner of the page and start chatting with our representative.

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