Customized Sublimated Patches at Affordable Charges

It is important to note that the most familiar and usual kind of decorative patch or clothing was the embroidered patch for years. But over the period of time, fabricating processes for producing patches have evolved and designers have introduced creativity in making patches. On our list here at American Patch, we have various patches including conventional embroidered patches. In addition, we also supply woven patches and patches with dye sublimation features.

To a traditional decoration technique, designers and decorators have used an advance feature. Sublimated patches are perfect as we can use them for introducing colorful and compounded logos along with little details. Our team focuses on stitching simple shape patches by-hand to the cap along with narrowed edges. Contrarily, we have outstanding experience of stitching complex shape patches via heat pressed method to the cap and with satin stitched edge. To design an ordered patch, our adept and skilled designers put their best efforts to create an epic artwork.

It is worth noting that our gifted artists can digitize the given order, whether it is a rough sketch or a graphic image, into a relished artistic production. Besides, good news for our customers is that here they do not have to pay additional charges for any revision placements or due to rush orders. Our customers are respected for us.

Detail-Oriented Capability

Dye sublimated patch should be your first choice if you are searching for a patch with ample details. In dye sublimated patches, every molecule is stained. Therefore, large number of details can be attained in a design. We can provide high quality sublimated patches if you need patches with little details.

No matter what is your choice regarding the selection of patches, SE Digitizing can always assist you. We are famous for providing your desired patch by creating them, with artistic vigor, for any occasion.

Confidentiality is the Founding Stone of Our Professional Relationships

Safeguarding the secret information of our customers i.e. the files of confidential nature is our priority. Our management has recently upgraded the privacy policy of our company. The primary objective is to align it with the standards of privacy protection in international arena. It is of prime importance for us that we have protected the data and contact information regarding your work. Our company does not share your data with any other person without your prior consent. It means that the sharing of information must be in your knowledge or you have given approval of transfer.

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Wonderful Experience with Guaranteed Excellence

Quality is on the top of our priority list in our business. Providence of the best quality silk screen printed patches encourages us to put efforts in epic quality customized patches online. For us, quality is more important than achievement of any monetary award. At SE Digitizing, we focus on treating every customer equally and put our heart to attain satisfactory results of art. Digitizing raster file into relished sublimated patches is the target of our team of talented designers.

Client Fulfillment for Our Outstanding Sublimated Patches

We always give our clients first priority and an important example of it is that we provide highest quality custom sublimated patches at lower prices. Moreover, we always ready to improve our products further and offer our customers amazing packages on discount. They are free to contact us if they feel the need of improvement in our artwork. We are here to assist you in your queries without any delay. In order to resolve any issue, we are providing the facility of FREE REVISION feature to keep the standard of our screen printed or sublimated patches of the best quality and main our customers’ trust on us. In this context, it is heartening to note that frequency of receiving revisions is less than 2 per cent. This percentage mirrors the highest quality of our vector art service.

Dedication and Enthusiasm as Salient Features of Client Care Agents

We are of the opinion that customers must be our first priority. In order to do so, we have developed an active and dedicated customer care centre to provide best sublimated patches. The main objective of establishing customer care centre is to provide better services to our customers and reply to complaints by our customers. Furthermore, to maintain services of our customer care centre above the par, we regularly conduct survey for our customers. In addition to all this, it is worth considering that complaints of all customers are responded with care and admiration. It can be regarded as our accomplishment that not a single customer is dissatisfied from our services. Therefore, to achieve this, we are very thankful and appreciative to our loyal and energetic staff members who work vigorously in the customer care centre.

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Remarkable Attribute: Order Traction

Due to unpredictability about the status of their order, in case the order tracking system is not in place, it is obvious that customers feel anxious and distresse. In order to facilitate our customers and to provide them better services, we have introduced the mechanism to track orders. Today, it is quite satisfying that the traction of their orders is really trouble-free for our customers. To get information about the order, you have to log in to SE Digitizing account and examine your order status. If there is any delay in transportation, our customers can easily contact to our customer care service where our staff is working to ensure quick responses.

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