Inexpensive Custom Patches Online by SEDigitizing

We are popular for designing eye-catching and striking customized embroidered patches for our clients. SEDigitizing has dedicated a separate team of designers to cater a rush order without any delay. Due to this, we have a turn-around time of 8 hours only which means you will receive image of sample within 8 hours after its placement. This sure sounds good but this is only one of the many attractive features that we offer to our customers. At SEDigitizer, we enjoy providing quality patches that’s why we follow the given details about the patch order closely to ensure customer satisfaction.

Our talented and experienced artists design the ordered patch with their heart and soul to digitize a relished piece of art. We, not only present embroidered patches but, also offer custom sublimated patches for our online clients. It doesn’t matter whether the given order is a graphic image or a rough sketch; our creative designers are capable of digitizing it and transforming it into an embellished artwork. Additionally, we do not put additional charges on our customer for any rush orders or revision placements. As our prestigious customer, you can place unlimited revisions in case the quality is unsatisfactory.

Delightful Experience with 100% Satisfactory Quality

Quality is one of the core values of our business that we cherish. For us, satisfactory customer is better than any monetary reward which encourages us to work on high quality customized patches online. At SEDigitizing, we treat all our customers equally and constantly putting effort into creating flawless artwork. Every single one of our gifted artists believes in digitizing raster file into amazing adorned embroidered patches.

Simple and Easy Order Placement Process

To provide you the best services having quality and talent, our staff is complemented with required skilled and qualification and is always ready to serve our customers with great attention. That is the reason behind that the process of ordering for our products i.e. embroidered patches is simple and pleasurable. We completely assure you that design for your patch will be absolutely satisfy you before it enters into production and becomes your desired product. We design and produce patches with slivers of innovations and creativity that would definitely be eye-catching to you and would enhance your excitement to materialize your imagination.

All of this has only become possible because of invaluable and precious experience in the field of digitizing coupled with modern patch-making machinery needed to create required designs. Therefore, regardless of your background and your business or institution we are able to satisfy you by creating an all-perfect embroidered patch. As you can belong to a private enterprise, or a government organization, or an academic institution, or armed forces, to make products long-lasting and durable, we use threads, fiber and handicraft of finest quality.

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Dedicated and Energetic Customer Care Agents

Our belief in taking care of our customers persuades us to develop an energetic and responsive centre for our customers. The primary function of this customer care/ client complaint handling centre is to answer your queries and give satisfactory responses. We conduct survey on a regular basis to ensure that our customer complaint handling department is able to satisfy them. Moreover, it is notable that almost all complaints received by this centre are deal with respect and care. We have not experienced a single client who was not satisfied with our quality responsive service which is our accomplishment. For this achievement, we are grateful to the devotion of our agents working tirelessly in our customer care unit.

Embroidered Patches

Embroidered patches are designed, digitized and delivered to our valuable customers with above average turnaround time of 8 hours. In addition to patch products, our patch maker online service delivers top-notch quality patch sample within 8 hours. After confirmation of the sample, our team will start working on your remaining order. You will receive your order in 10 to 12 business days depending on your location.

Custom Sublimated Patches for Esteemed Customers

Silk screen patches or sublimated patches are digitized by our talented team to ensure customer satisfaction. In addition, our specialty is providing durable, best quality and unique artwork at reasonable cost. Along with sublimated patch service, we offer silk screen patch products to our clients who admire uniqueness of the design.

Woven Patches Digitized by Creative Artists

We digitize customized woven patches that are worn by our customers with pride. The reason behind this satisfactory performance of our team is that they put our heart and soul into its digitization. Not only we digitize patches as per your requirements, but we also design unique, dazzling and stunning woven patches online.

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Leather Patches Designed and Digitized as Per Customer Demands

Our gifted team produces and designs custom leather patches for hats, jackets, and shirts are produced by to suit the imagination of clients. No matter how complex the design is or how unique the requirements are, we are capable of transforming your dreams into reality by woven leather patches with pride.

Designing strikingly beautiful leather patches that are customized as per your requirements is what we do. We are proud of our team for providing 100 per cent satisfactory results. The dedication of our team is accountable for retaining more than 90 per cent of our clients. Considering the average turnaround time of the industry, our time to deliver rush orders is remarkable.

PVC Patches Design and Digitization

Mostly we receive quotes about embroidered patches and leather patches. However, occasionally our clients ask us to design and digitize custom patches on synthetic plastic or rubber. Not only we accept those orders, but also the design and digitization are soothing and satisfactory which encourages those clients to hire us for their future projects. SEDigitizing appreciates this trust and confidence of our customers in us by introducing different reward packages. The main purpose of this reward system is to acknowledge and encourage their loyalty.

It is worth mentioning that the facility of sample patch image is only available for embroidered patches. For other patch products, we start working on your order after confirmation of your order. We send your order to you within 10 to 12 business days.

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