Custom Leather Patches with Minimum Possible Charges

SE Digitizing is assisting many groups and various brands in production of custom leather labels. In addition, it also provides patches in order to help them in setting up special identity.

Transferring of your special designs according to your layout, coupled with various leather materials and colors and different artisanship applications, is what we are sure about. Customized Leather Patches Labels are accessible in a variety of sizes and shapes along with logos. We decorate these logos with silkscreen printing, laser engraving, digital priting, embossed or debossed or combined ways. In order to enhance quality of your belongings, the leather patches can be attached with caps, bags, jeans, or jackets. Our company uses different methods including sewing, ironing, sticking or by using Velcro to attach these leather patches.

Addition of logo of your company or personal design and creation of Leather Patch or labels is easy for us. We are ready to serve you in future.

What are Leather Labels or Leather Patches?

On the back of jean, a leather patch is usually present. The patches actually add flair of high-quality in the items on which we attach them such as hats, jackets, jeans, socks, or bags. Moreover, attaching these patches is also easy as multiple option are available including sewing, sticking, by using Velcro or any other style.

The Leather Patches for jackets and hats are of two types; embossed and debossed. We use these two processes, embossing and debossing, for producing sunken relief images and designs on paper and other material. We raise patterns in an embossed against the backgrounds. Whereas, our team recesses a debossed pattern on the surface of the material.

The Smartest Approach for Saving Time and Achieving Your Objective

Performing coatings, polymers, and leather chemicals have numerous applications. In addition to this, a range of solution is also available here including cleaning, refinishing, repairing and protection. Our staff is always willing to help our customers in the selection of the optimal materials related to appearance, weight, experience, feel, and sustainability. Our team has the ability to properly indicate about the materials as which are best for the products that our clients want to make. That is why they easily explain the question that why SE Digitizing saves time and capital of you. In addition, it also assists in improving the quality and performance of your products.

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Customer Satisfaction: Our Number ONE Priority

The priorities in the world are shifting from price consciousness to quality consciousness. For ensuring high quality, we have set the standard for measuring the level of quality and it is “Customer Satisfaction”. It is a fact that we are fully focused on providing the best services to our customers. Therefore, to our great satisfaction, we are not only meeting their requirement but actually exceeding them. This is our definition of quality. We always design products having our customers’ choices in mind. It is safe to say that SE Digitizing always tries to maintain one standard that is Customer Satisfaction.

In order to do so, we try to entirely interpret the demands of our esteemed clients in a precise manner. The aim of our company is to meet and exceed their assumptions. Supply of outstanding products having high quality and durability to our clients is what we are able to offer due to our exceptional position in the field. We have now considerable number of clients around the globe who trust us and are satisfied with our services. We have achieved this by following our commitments wholeheartedly by delivering our products timely and by maintaining competitive prices

R&D (Research and Development)

We have a vibrant and excellent Research and Development (R&D) department which performs the tasks related to information collection modernization of Visuals on Textiles, utilization of state-of-the-art imported accessories, betterment in quality of ingredients and general product, improvement of processing and Green management areas.

We as a team are trying to put our best efforts to reduce the waste of raw materials to the minimum level. In addition to this, we have also succeeded quite remarkably to make custom leather patches which we can attach to any fabric or Velcro without using sewing as a method. However, we do not supply the sample of these leather patches for jackets because of its high cost.

Management of Quality Control

Our Quality Control (QC) department uses some methodologies to inspect our products, in order to maintain our special position in the field. These crucial methods are Initial Production Check (During Production Check), FRI (Final Random Inspection). It is noteworthy that inspection is performed by following MIL-STD-105E, level I or II(depending on merchandise) with, for major effects ,AQL levels either 1.5 or 2.5 and for minor effects, AQL level 2.5 or 4.0 both depending on merchandiser.

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WHY SE Digitizing?

In the area of production of Patches, we are pleased to announce that our factory is the largest one. Moreover, it is noteworthy that our work is recognized by a number of brands, both international and domestic ones. It is definitely a matter of pride for us that our client trust us. That is because we not only meet their needs but actually exceed along with offering them reasonable prices.

Therefore, we are fortunate that we have our own production unit, for Molding purposes, and our own team of artists. This works well in maintaining the privacy policy regarding the information of our customers. We have achieved it by blocking any chance for leakage of customers’ information. Besides, due to this arrangement our costing process is easier and quicker as compared to other players in the field.

In comparison, many other factories actually lack these facilities and that is the reason behind higher prices of their services and products. As mentioned earlier, in Sialkot city, we have the largest unit in this particular area of production of patches.

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