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Recently, the demand of customized embroidered patches has increased significantly because of better texture. People, who want patch design with high contrast, usually prefer embroidered logo patches. We design and digitize a glamorous embroidery patch by looking at the sketch that you provide. The roughness of sketch is not an issue when it comes to digitizing or designing the patch. Another worth mentioning feature that attracts our customers is the market competitive prices for our products. We don’t even charge extra amount for rush orders because we are of the opinion that customers are everything.

Another equally important feature is the timely delivery of all orders no matter how close the deadline is. We offer better than average turnaround time of 8 hours, however, this does not affect the quality of your order. In fact, our customers contact us because of magnificent high quality embroidered patches.

What are Embroidered Patches?

Embroidered patches are considered most enjoyed orders by digitizers as the patches have boldness and crisp in appearance. It is no wonder then that the patches are loved by embroiderers and customers. It is notable that we will mention some standard practices of embroidering and digitizing patches in a simple and composed manner without complex industrial processes. The purpose is to give better understanding to the beginners, as this text is primarily for them.

Entertaining and Pleasant Experience

In these fast-moving times, the key to success is to move forward and make everything easier for the clients. Keeping it in mind, we have designed the quote placement procedure simple and pleasant for customers. This initiative has increased our customer base by 25% which is a big triumph. In addition to the easy process of quote placement, we have uploaded a video on official website regarding these procedures. You can watch this short video to understand the process and learn how to register yourself, place a quote, and get your membership status.

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Role of Color, Size and Shape in Embroidered Patches

It is important that one should order plain patches before designing or digitizing embroidery patches as the design will rest on plain patches. These patches are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Usually, custom shape as well as round, square or oval shapes can be used. As far as sizes are concerned, there is a long list of sizes that is available. That’s why it is quite easy to find patches in a variety of sizes from 1 inch to a full-back. Bare patches are easily available but one should choose them carefully not randomly. The audience’s choices and quality of the embroidery machine play crucial role in driving the decision of selecting bare patches. Limitations in selecting the sizes of patches, very small or very big, are directly related to the machine in use.

Color selection is the next important factor in line after selecting size and shape of the custom embroidered patches. In doing so, choosing color of the fabric is a safer choice. However, other colors can also work if one wants creativity. The back of the patch can be pain or sensitive to heat. It is worth mentioning that we are good at handling both the plain and colored ones.

It is a fact that heat sensitive patches are difficult to handle during stitching as compared to the plain ones. In addition, adequate heat and pressure is produced by using heat press while applying it. For beginners, opting for heat-sensitive back is not a safe choice as it will increase the complexity of situation. Therefore, it can be said that it is not a wise option for beginners. And last but not the least, selection of a merror color should also be in list. A merrow is basically a thread which covers the borders of the patch. After completion of embroidery, the threads are locked which forms a bump at the end of embroidery.

Digitization of Embroidery Logo Patches

Making a graphical format after scanning the patch is crucial. After that, using of digitizing software to open it is the next step. The patch will be the base where your design will be placed. Ensuring that the design is placed on centre of the patch and the patch is also centered on the outline is essential step. These measures will help in stitching things as the design always start and end at the centre. For digitizing personalized embroidered patches online, we keep distance between the design and the border. It is crucial because if not do so, the presser foot on the machine will press which can cause distortions during the production stage. Besides, we focus on following standard practices of digitizing designs.

After digitizing the designs, there application of them is essential. It is necessary that before one applies them, a running stitch needs to be added. We start and stop this outline at the centre. The basic purpose of outline is to clearly mention the place where we place the patch. For the sake of simplicity, the outline can be overlapped with the design; however, our talented team always separates the design from the outline. During embroidery, first stitch the outline of running stitch. In doing digitizing, addition of stop function is required. This will help in stopping the machine while doing the embroidery of outline. To centre the blank patch use outline, and then add design into it.

Handling iron on embroidered patches is not quite hard for our team as you have seen until now. To stick the patch to the fabric is the real challenge in dealing the embroidery patches. However, we are fortunate that we have various ways to deal the custom embroidered patches. This will add several options and make the task easier.

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SEDigitizing Prefers Quality over Quantity

Providing the best and quality embroidered logo patches to our respected customers is our mission. We are more than happy to put extra efforts in designing as well as digitizing of your personalized embroidered patches. The most talented and gifted designers and artists work together to create unique yet cheap embroidered logo patches. Our customers show their gratitude and satisfaction after receiving the superior quality products.


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